At Tandus Centiva, we strive to be a better a corporate citizen and environmental steward and not just with big ideas, with actions. Our innovative spirit is evident in our product, practices and most importantly in our people whose hard work and forward-thinking have led the way for our industry in corporate responsibility and environmental accountability for more than 40 years.

Our way of doing business has caught the attention of some of the most reputable companies from around the world leading to collaborative efforts inside and outside the flooring industry. Whether it’s to join forces on an innovative new product or to recognize those in our industry who go above and beyond to help those in need, Tandus Centiva is a great partner.

Kaiser Permanente®

Tandus Centiva partnered with the healthcare giant in the search for feedstock from waste streams outside the floorcovering industry. The search yielded ethos™, a backing constructed from recycled film found in windshields and safety glass.

Center for Health Design

In conjunction with the Center for Health Design, Tandus Centiva is a proud sponsor of the Pebble Project. The Pebble Project provides examples of healthcare organizations whose organizations have made a difference in the quality of care as well as in their financial performance.

Suzanne TickSuzanne Tick, principal of Suzanne Tick Inc., specializes in material development for commercial and residential interiors, including textiles, hard surfacing, glass, commercial floorcoverings, woven metal screens and lighting.

In 2005 Suzanne was hired as Design Director for Tandus Centiva to oversee and manage product design. Since that time, her Suzanne Tick Design awards include Interior Design’s Best of the Year Award 2008 for modular carpet Manufactured Landscapes, and Interior Design’s Best of the Year Award 2009 for Landscape Patterns, along with numerous Gold Awards.

Suzanne received her B.F.A. in woven design from the University of Iowa and an associate degree in Applied Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Museum exhibitions include her stainless steel woven structures which were shown at MOMA, her fabric imbedded panels, Imago, shown at the Denver Art Museum and her woven sculpture series titled Salvage, shown at Design Miami/Basel 2011, with one of the pieces being commissioned for the Gates Foundation. She is currently the Chair of the Labor Trade and Crafts Advisory Council at the Fetzer Institute and a Board Member at Publicolor NYC.

Jhane BarnesMenswear designer Jhane Barnes began working with Tandus Centiva more than 15 years ago and developed the first modular styles designed for random installations, "Mosaics in Tile".

Jhane uses a unique blend of science and art, incorporating fractals and algorithms into many of the products she designs. Her original menswear fabrics often influence her flooring designs, as well as furniture and interior textiles.