Faces of Tandus

Tandus Centiva Culture

Tandus Centiva is more than its award-winning products and forward-thinking technology...it is an amazing group of people.

Call it cliché, but our employees will tell you without hesitation that talented, committed people, and the company culture and values we share, is the core of our success. It drives the personal relationships we have with our customers and partners. It drives the spirit of collaboration and innovation that produces our products. And it is the reason that other people want to come and be a part of the Tandus Centiva team (and not want to leave).

Over the company’s history, we have successfully maintained our core culture while growing and evolving faster than the world around us. Our employees describe our culture as caring, personal and family-like. This culture, and our success as a business, attracts talented people. It inspires them, challenges them and motivates them. It also keeps them.

This combination of talent, commitment and culture continues to be the formula for success at Tandus Centiva.