Want something more?

If you can imagine it then we can translate it into the floor. Tandus Centiva’s IMAGINATIONS Custom Floor Design program is used for more intricate and detailed designs. Designs are fabricated at our manufacturing facilities, shipped to the job site and inset by the flooring contractor. IMAGINATIONS may include but are not limited to logos, mascots or images that are unique or repeated designs (animals, stars, flowers, etc.). The Tandus Centiva Imaginations program is a first in the flooring industry, and we are the only company to offer this unique service.

With our unique line of product platforms, you can use shape, color, and texture to design a floor that will help create an experience and communicate a brand message. Custom cutting can also be used in practical ways such as showing direction, or dividing a space without using physical barriers. From start to finish, our designers and technicians will work to make your design vision a reality.

Create or accent an area in a space with border and corners. These designs are available in 4″ and 6″ widths. All Tandus Centiva LVT products can be used for borders. These designs are easily customized to your specifications.

Parkway  BD-01                                             CN-01
Stepping Stone 1  BD-02                                CN-02
Diamond 1  BD-03                                          CN-03
Avenue  BD-04                                               CN-04
Studio  BD-05                                                 CN-05
Diamond 2  BD-06                                          CN-06
Diamond 3  BD-07                                          CN-07
Geometric  BD-08                                           CN-08
Dots  BD-09                                                    CN-09
Rope  BD-10                                                   CN-10
Greek Key  BD-13                                          CN-13
Leaf  BD-14                                                    CN-14
Stepping Stone 2  BD-15                                CN-15
Ribbon  BD-16                                                CN-16
Garland  BD-17                                              CN-17
Gothic  BD-18                                                 CN-18

Add impact to an entrance, hallway or other area within a space.

Circular medallions are available in a standard size with a 48″ diameter. Square modules are available in standard sizes of 18″ and 36″. All Tandus Centiva LVT products can be used in medallions and modules. These designs are easily customized to your specifications.

Baroque  MD-18
Checkerboard  MD-01
Compass  MD-10
Discovery  MD-08
Entwined  MD-17
Feather  MD-31
Fiddlehead MD-14
Interlocked Squares  MD-35
Palm  MD-32
Rosette  MD-06
Stardom  MD-19
Starlight  MD-11
Swirl  MD-20
Symmetry  MD-16
Windmill  MD-02

Great flooring takes on added dimension and special interest when used in patterns. Make an artistic statement, enhance a space, or build on other décor selections. Using floor patterns is not difficult and the design payoff is substantial. Choose from a number of ideas that we present here, or design your own.

1 Corner  80-33
2 Corner  80-36
4 Corner  80-30
Basketweave  80-48
Checker Block  80-53
Chevron  80-52
Decorative  113
Herringbone  80-05
Mod  117
Octagonal  115
Offset Keystone  80-51
Random Plank  80-01
Random Tiles  80-03
Tik Tak  80-46
Vertical Cut  80-56