• Closed-Loop Recycling

    Closed-Loop Recycling

    In 1994, Tandus Centiva was the first manufacturer in our industry to achieve a complete closed-loop recycling program.

    All flooring manufacturing waste has been eliminated through recycling. Our reclamation program enables us to include all post-consumer take-back products and pre-consumer manufacturing carpet waste into new recycled content floorcoverings.

    262 Million and counting...

    To date, Tandus Centiva has reclaimed and recycled more than 262 million pounds of carpet, LVT and waste. The commitment to and ongoing execution of closed-loop system is the backbone for all the achievements of Tandus Centiva in leading our industry in environmental responsibility.

  • Tandus Centiva Environmental Center

    Reclamation and Recycling Center

    Our closed-loop recycling facility is the first of its kind in our industry to receive third-party certification, granted by SCS Global Services (SCS).

    The achievement is the culmination of our environmental work that began in 1994 with the launching of the industry's first closed-loop recycling program. The environmental center is a crucial systematic capability for our company in providing the full range of resources for our customers and our industry to achieve higher levels of environmental responsibility...keeping more flooring out of our landfills.

  • ReStart

    Tandus Centiva reclaims and recycles vinyl-backed flooring products that are submitted to us, including that of our competitors, through the ReStart program.

    To date we have recycled more than 262 million pounds of carpet, LVT and waste- averaging more than 75% of competitive product. The distinctive guarantee of the marketplace from ReStart is that all flooring returned to us will be recycled in its entirety, meaning we will never landfill, incinerate (including waste-to-energy uses) or dispose of the material in any other way. All of the reclaimed product is recycled into our ER3 modular backing and Powerbond Cushion.

    Acting Locally

    Tandus Centiva engages with local businesses to help us provide recycling services rather than ship all flooring materials to a central location, as some manufacturers prefer. We seek out local and regional service providers to partner with us for recycling, further decreasing our environmental footprint by reducing fuel and transport costs, while supporting local businesses.

  • Retrieve

    The ReStart program also reclaims and recycles physical product samples and sample folders from customers and A&D firms.

    To date, we have recovered and recycled more than 680,000 samples and sample folders. Current Tandus Centiva portfolios set the example for recycling as there is no glue or Velcro, simply friction, which makes the recycling process much easier.

    ZeroLandfill Video

    To see what issues are associated with using those materials, click here for a video from ZeroLandfill™, an award-winning, non-profit organization dedicated to reducing landfill waste.