MetalEdge™ Transitions

Gone is the wait for a well-engineered, beautifully-designed and unobtrusive solution for floorcovering transitions. By partnering with our sister company, Johnsonite, we created an innovative, right-priced answer to this long-standing problem.

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MetalEdge™ provides a transition solution and finish detail for any commercial space. It is offered in three aesthetically pleasing and tastefully refined systems, each engineered and colored to work with a vast array of Tandus Centiva soft and hard surface product platforms.

*Note: MetalEdge warranty is void when used with non-Tandus Centiva products.


With no wet adhesives, no heavy buckets of glue, no messy clean up, and no odors we all breathe a little easier. Whether you need a permanent or temporary installation, breathe easy with TarkettTAPE.

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What is TarkettTAPE?

TarkettTAPE is for use on ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology™ and Flex-Aire™ modular carpet.

  • TarkettTAPE installed with ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology requires no pH, MVER or In-Situ/RH testing provided there is no evidence of free liquids.

  • TarkettTAPE with Flex-Aire Modular can be installed at MVER ≤ 5.0 pounds, pH ≤ 9.0 and In-Situ/RH ≤ 80%.


TarkettTAPE and ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology™ carpet have the highest moisture allowance in the industry.

Floor moisture issues have become more frequent and difficult to identify. All floor covering manufacturers and adhesive companies require floor Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) testing, pH testing and Relative Humidity testing prior to flooring installations.

  • MVER Testing (ASTM F-1869-10)
  • RH Testing (ASTM F-2170 -10)
  • pH Testing (ASTM F-710-10)

A minimum of one test per 1,000 square feet of flooring space is required. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations and warranties prior to installation.


Installation is very simple and free of any excessive waste. Self wound rolls have no release liner to dispose of, nor the typical waste associated with the use of bucket adhesives.

One piece is applied to one corner of each successive modular tile. The resulting installation is a floating floor that stabilizes itself through interactive forces generated through the attachment of adjacent tile, while exponentially building as the floor coverage increases.


RollSmart is an adhesive for Tandus Centiva LVT that allows for high moisture installations.

RollSmart for Contour LVT


When a permanent floor is not an option.

Just because you need a portable floor does not mean the options should be limited. With Tandus Centiva LVT adhered to SnapLock® modular flooring, a portable floor can be created with more styles, colors, and options than ever before. Retail and mobile display flooring can be customized. Exhibit, trade show, and dance floors can be coordinated with an event theme.