Aniline #04733

Installation:Vertical Ashlar - 24" x 24" / Vertical Ashlar - 18" X 36"


Dominant Color:

Product Specs

Total Recycled Content60.0% (24.4% Pre-Consumer; 35.6% Post-Consumer)
Warranty InformationLifetime limited warranty against excessive surface wear, static, delamination, edge ravel, zippering and backing resiliency loss.
Pattern ScaleSmall
Pattern TypeLinear
CollectionSuzanne Tick / Publicolor
Coordinating GroupCoordinate Group 12
Primary BackingNon-woven synthetic fiber
ConstructionLevel Loop
Recycled ContentYes
Face Weight15 oz/sq yd | 508.5 g/sq m
Gauge1/13 | 50.4 rows/ 10 cm
Stitches Per Inch9.5 stitches / inch | 37.4 stitches/10 cm
Pile Height Average.135 inch
Fiber SystemDynex® Nylon
Dye Method35% Solution Dyed / 65% Yarn Dyed
Fluorine-Free Soil ProtectionEco-Ensure
Pattern MatchNot required
Colorfastness to Light> 4 after 60 hours (AATCC 16E)
Soil ProtectionApplication rate: 2% of face weight
Third Party Certification NSF-140Platinum
CRI Green Label Plus CertificationGLP8320
Antimicrobial ChemicalsNo antimicrobials (EPA Registered pesticides) added to product (ASTM E2471-05)
Electrostatic Propensity1.5 kV (AATCC 134); Permanent Conductive Fiber
Surface FlammabilityPasses CPSC FF 1-70 (ASTM D-2859)
Flooring Radiant PanelClass 1 (mean average CRF: 0.45 w/sq cm or higher) (ASTM E-648)
Smoke GenerationLess than 450 (ASTM E-662)
Wet SpreadBacking specific Tandus Adhesives
Installation MethodVertical Ashlar - 24" x 24" / Vertical Ashlar - 18" X 36"


Environmental Attributes