Applause III #02803

Installation:Monolithic - 24" x 24" / Vertical Ashlar - 18" X 36"


Dominant Color:

Product Specs

Total Recycled Content58.1% (23.6% Pre-Consumer; 34.5% Post-Consumer)
Warranty InformationLifetime limited warranty against excessive surface wear, static, delamination, edge ravel, zippering and backing resiliency loss.
Pattern ScaleMedium
Pattern TypeTexture
Coordinating GroupCoordinate Group 3
Primary BackingNon-woven synthetic fiber
ConstructionLevel Loop
Recycled ContentYes
Price Range$
Face Weight18 oz/sq yd | 610.2 g/sq m
Gauge1/13 | 50.4 rows/ 10 cm
Stitches Per Inch8.2 stitches / inch | 32.3 stitches/10 cm
Pile Height Average0.117 inch | 3.0 mm
Fiber SystemDynex SD® Nylon / Dynex® Nylon
Dye Method50% Solution Dyed / 50% Yarn Dyed
Fluorine-Free Soil ProtectionEco-Ensure
ER3 NoteRecycled content percentages are third-party certified annually based on the prior year's formulations and use. Recycled content specifications may be changed without notice when formulations are modified due to, for example, new manufacturing capabilities, environmental efficiencies, or postconsumer market availability.
Pattern MatchNot required
Colorfastness to Light> 4 after 60 hours (AATCC 16E)
Soil ProtectionApplication rate: 2% of face weight
Third Party Certification NSF-140Platinum
CRI Green Label Plus CertificationGLP8320
Antimicrobial ChemicalsNo antimicrobials (EPA Registered pesticides) added to product (ASTM E2471-05)
Electrostatic Propensity2.2 kV (AATCC 134); Permanent Conductive Fiber
Surface FlammabilityPasses CPSC FF 1-70 (ASTM D-2859)
Flooring Radiant PanelClass 1 (mean average CRF: 0.45 w/sq cm or higher) (ASTM E-648)
Smoke GenerationLess than 450 (ASTM E-662)
Wet SpreadBacking specific Tandus Adhesives
Installation MethodMonolithic - 24" x 24" / Vertical Ashlar - 18" X 36"


Environmental Attributes


Download the Tandus Centiva product .zip file below. This .zip file contains the BIM/Revit models for all sizes and colors available for this product:

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