Our Environmental Policy

Tandus Centiva strives for continual improvement to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, products and services by establishing environmental objectives and metrics for improving environmental performance. Our company strives to maintain compliance with applicable environmental regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe. Tandus Centiva is committed to sharing the environmental policy and objectives with employees, customers, stakeholders, and community members.

This policy is communicated to employees through the acronym “TRACE” which summarizes the key points of the environmental policy:

An EMS in place and the achievement of ISO 14001 EMS Certification emphasizes that, at Tandus Flooring, our culture is about making a difference and our environmental commitment is to LEAVE NO TRACE.

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Good Materials

We are committed to using materials that are safe for people and the environment and that come from abundant, renewable, or recycled sources.

Supply Chain Management enables us to achieve ambitious sustainability goals by reaching beyond the boundaries of our own controlled facilities and factories. We have engaged our suppliers on environmental best practices and have worked together to reduce the environmental impact of products, eliminate or reduce unwanted or unnecessary chemicals or VOCs, increase recycled content and increase product performance

We ventured outside our own industry to find valuable alternative waste streams for feed-stock. This search for alternative material streams and collaboration with a leading healthcare provider yielded ethos, a high performance polymer, recycled from disposed windshields and safety glass.

ethos™ In 1988, we introduced another industry first, the Revolutionary System (RS). A safe, clean and sustainable alternatives to wet adhesives is available on Powerbond and modular carpet tile installations.

Resource Stewardship

We monitor our operations on five key indicators: water, energy, waste, recycling and emissions.

Tandus Centiva has reduced its water usage by leveraging closed loop systems to recycle process water, by purchasing capital equipment with water-saving features and eliminating certain wet processes. Tandus Centiva’s Florence, Alabama LVT plant has achieved 0% production waste water. In soft surface products, Tandus Centiva has decreased its use of traditional dyed yarns and increased its use of solution-dyed yarns.

Our closed-loop recycling process has enabled it to almost completely eliminate all manufacturing carpet and LVT waste. Currently, our waste to landfill is less than 1% by weight of its total manufacturing production, and we will not rest until that percentage continues to decrease.

Tandus Centiva completes annual greenhouse gas inventories for all of its facilities as well as showrooms and offices. We have met our greenhouse gas reduction goal, by reducing our global greenhouse gas emissions by 15% per square yard, since 2006, its baseline year.

Tandus Centiva’s Dalton facilities have participated in the Green Power Switch program offered by the local utility provider in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) since 2003.

Tandus Centiva employs a multi-faceted approach to reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and its products, including the reduction of energy, water, and solid waste, the increased use of renewable energy and biofuel and, of course, Tandus Centiva’s continued commitment to closed-loop recycling and post-consumer reclamation of its products. All of these efforts enable Tandus Centiva manufacturing to contribute less than 15% of the life cycle carbon footprint of our flooring products.

People Friendly Spaces

Our floors provide safe, healthy environments where people can work, learn, play, heal and enjoy their leisure activities. We are committed to producing products that contribute to healthy indoor air quality and improved occupant comfort.

CRI GLP - Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Plus certification guarantees that all Tandus Centiva carpet products and carpet adhesives meet emissions requirements for indoor air quality as set by California Section 01350.

FloorScore – FloorScore certification guarantees that all Tandus Centiva LVT products meet emissions requirements for indoor air quality as set by California Section 01350.

Powerbond® Cushion with RS has 20 times less Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) emissions that carpet alone. Powerbond’s simple maintenance procedures minimize the use of cleaning chemicals only requiring routine vacuum, spot cleaning and occasional wet extraction are the only requirements for Powerbond cleaning, which also improves the quality of indoor air. Powerbond's closed cell cushion construction also offers thermal attributes that indicate the floor temperature is within 1 degree of the ambient temperature of the room.


Tandus Centiva introduced the industry’s first closed-loop recycling program, now called ReStart®, in 1994. ReStart® includes Tandus Centiva's third-party certified reclamation and recycling program that reclaims and recycles postconsumer flooring, installation waste, samples and portfolios. To date, we have reclaimed and recycled more than 268 Million pounds of carpet, LVT and waste.

Our Dalton, GA environmental center is the industry’s first and only 3rd party certified reclamation facility that employs a closed-loop system. Our reclamation program enables us to include all post-consumer take-back carpet and pre-consumer carpet waste into new recycled content floor coverings. Waste to landfill is now less than 0.1 ounce per square yard of manufactured goods. As one of the only US manufacturers of commercial LVT, Tandus Centiva is able to take back old vinyl flooring and turn it into new LVT products through Tarkett’s Florence, Alabama recycling facility. This commitment to and ongoing execution of a closed-loop system is the backbone of all the achievements of Tandus Centiva in leading our industry in environmental responsibility.

To initiate ReStart, contact Tandus Centiva customer service at 800-248-2878. ReStart is available for all Tarkett products and may be initiated by contacting your Tarkett representative.


We believe you deserve credible, reliable, meaningful information about our environmental performance. Where possible, Tandus Centiva uses third-party certification of claims to validate performance information. We use reputable certification bodies and recognizable certifications to assist in and simplify the material selection process.

We are embarking on a new age of materials transparency. In response to demand from the North American marketplace, we have worked with Dr. Michael Braungart of the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA) to produce the Environmental and Health Statement: a declaration of content and material health assessment based on the Cradle to Cradle® principles. As each of our products completes the material health assessment, a third-party verified EHS will be generated and made available to our customers.

Tandus Centiva received ISO 14001 certification for maintaining the required criteria for an Environmental Management System in our Asia and US manufacturing facilities, ensuring that our operations conform to the highest standards of environmental responsibility. An Environmental Management System involves maintaining environmental compliance with applicable regulations, goal setting, and measuring and reporting environmental metrics with a focus on continual improvement.