Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

The first Powerbond® installation at the Chattanooga Airport occurred over 20 years ago. When it came time to refresh the space and do an expansive floor-to-ceiling remodel at the airport’s facilities, the decision to reinstall Tandus Centiva's Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet flooring was unanimous.

With over 640,000 people traveling through the airport campus on a yearly basis and a record-breaking number of travelers in 2013, the facility required a flooring product with not only endless design capabilities, but one that was also durable, long-lasting and supported sustainable initiatives. Powerbond proved to be the solution. All of the Powerbond that was removed from the airport terminal was brought back to Tandus Centiva’s third-party certified reclamation facility, just 21 miles away. It was closed-loop recycled into new Powerbond that was placed back in the terminal and into ER3 Modular tile that is now in the airport’s LEED certified Wilson Air Center.

For more information, view our Chattanooga Airport Case Study.