Environmental Health Statements

Material transparency is more important than ever. Since 2010, materials across Tarkett’s 34 global manufacturing plants have been assessed by Dr. Michael Braungart and the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA), according to Cradle to Cradle principles. This is part of a continuous effort of improvement and optimization and with a goal of 100% completion by 2020. As of 2014, 76% of our global materials have been assessed for human and environmental health.

In 2013, EPEA launched the Environmental and Health Statement: a declaration of content and material health based on the Cradle to Cradle® principles. The EHS is based on an ecological and toxicological assessment of material ingredients. The methodology of the C2C material assessment is science-based, widely accepted in the building and design industry, and easy to understand. The Environmental and Health Statement is intended to address the environmental and human safety of a finished product (including worker exposure) and the potential for post-use resource recovery.

Upon completion of a full material assessment, a third-party verified EHS will be made available to customers for each of our products.

For an EHS on Tandus Centiva products, please contact Tandus Centiva Technologies at 800-248-2878.