Chain Reaction

Inspired by nighttime traffic common large metropolitan cities, Chain Reaction is the newest soft surface product from Tandus Centiva. Chain Reaction evokes the exciting sense of lights, sound, and energy experienced in the world’s greatest cities with little specks of energetic color throughout.

Chain Reaction comes from the creative mind of Jhane Barnes, where she applied Euler’s phi function from mathematics to carpet design. The energetic pattern is enhanced with a special high-luster blip yarn that runs through all the colorways. When the carpet is tufted, this yarn produces a flicker of glistening color. The result is a flooring surface with flickers of orange, blue, green, and plum, printed on a champagne base.

Chain Reaction features 13 colorways — seven neutrals and six accent colors. Shuttle, a beautiful neutral in the palette, coordinates with each accent colorway, as it shares the same ground.

With its randomized pattern, Chain Reaction will mask any soiling until it can be cleaned. It’s available in Powerbond® and modular formats.

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