Introducing Substrate LVT

Substrate, a new material for the floor plane by Tandus Centiva, was developed with the Japanese concept of finding singular beauty in the transient nature of pared down objects.

Back in 2007, Suzanne Tick and Terry Mowers were at Tandus Centiva’s soft surface finishing plant where they observed the application of scrim material used as a stabilizing layer in recycled backings. This material resonated with them, as it perfectly embodied these tenants. Appreciating the beauty of this natural looking yet man-made material, they were determined to develop a new flooring product featuring this aesthetic.

Today, with Tandus Centiva’s luxury vinyl tile print technology, Terry and Suzanne are able to create a flooring product that looks similar to the original scrim inspiration. The end result is Substrate, a durable luxury vinyl tile that brings the look of an architectural textile to the floor in an enduring format with the unique look of irregular fluidity and modest imperfection, all while maintaining the dimensional stability of a floor tile.

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