Introducing TextureMap and ColorMap

The best designs come from something that is in-between random and uniform. TextureMap and ColorMap, designed by Jhane Barnes are an unfamiliar blending of three familiar patterns. The blended elements are individually appealing and familiar: a grid, a labyrinth, and a systematic arrangement of squares. These three rigid geometric patterns combine in a way to create an organic feel. The crosshatch grid peeks through a cloud-like form. The resulting pattern is NOT a grid or a plaid, nor a labyrinth or classic crosshatch, but it is a blend of all of those things. The movement of the labyrinth was created using DNA sequences, so the texture can be said to be biologically inspired. The overall movement of the pattern is created by a mathematical arrangement of squares that are colored randomly. TextureMap is colored tonally to enhance the movement of the pattern and ColorMap uses the same tonal ground with three accent colors. Both new styles are available in a modular or PowerBond product platform.

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